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Hello, dear Rent-a-Thief community!

I, Salazah, along with the Firecast team, are here to share some important updates and clarify the changes that have occurred in recent months. We know it has been a challenging journey, and more than anyone, we recognize the importance of keeping the flame of adventure alive and keeping the community engaged and involved.

In the gaming market, there are constant changes in product design, technology, and business models.

We have listened to the community’s feedback and realized that we were not on the right path for the game. Therefore, we have decided to change the business model from Play to Earn to Free to Play. In this way, we have removed the lootbox mechanisms for obtaining items, and RaT will be available for free download on our website and on digital gaming distribution platforms. Monetization will be achieved through the sale of the Battle Pass, character skins, and cosmetic items for equipment.

We are working to make possible and develop an incredible and unique experience. Stay tuned because great adventures await you in the RaT universe!

Thank you for being a part of this journey,

Salazah and the Firecast Studio team.

What is RaT?

Rent a Thief (RaT) is a 3D action and sabotage game where animal thieves are part of a guild and compete to fulfill contracts from mysterious clients. They utilize weapons and gadgets acquired through the Rent-a-Tool service, run by the enterprising contract master, Salazah, who also manages the Rent-a-Thief service for which the thieves work.

While exploring locations such as mansions and museums in search of priceless artifacts and objects, our small-big thieves must use the game scenario to their advantage, collecting seemingly harmless objects and using them as Auxiliary Weapons, moving through the backs of dinosaurs, swinging through chandeliers or even sabotaging doors and security systems to defeat their rivals.

And to top it off, upon completing contracts, you earn experience points used to level up and obtain Salah Snacks, the guild’s primary currency used to unlock Thief Pass rewards.

So, are you ready to join this guild and become the Contract King?

Welcome to the Salazah Club

Welcome to Rent-A-Thief!

What brings you to my guild? Some seek me in their quest for fortune. Others yearn for fame and glory. One thing is certain: thrill-seekers from across the land know that here, at Rent-A-Thief, they can attain it all. Sit down, and I’ll tell you all about our esteemed organization.

We’re in the business of… finding and transporting. Some citizens possess very special artifacts, and others – who happen to be my clients – would love to have them “transferred” to their own collections. That’s where you come in! Ensure that the goods are acquired and delivered properly, and I’ll reward you for it. No mission is too big, and no treasure is too small! Everything is up for grabs.

Join us, and you’ll have exclusive benefits, like the Rent-a-Tool, our unique gadget service ensures you have the right equipment for the right job. After all, there’s nothing like being well-prepared, is there?

So, are you ready to take on your first contract?

Salazah Rent a Thief
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