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Rent A Thief is a 3D, cartoon, adventure game, where you become a thief and will be challenge to become the best! Infiltrate highly secured mansions and museums to steal the most precious artifacts with the help of your guild and master your skills. You will collect weapons, set up traps, and sabotage your rivals to show them who’s the ultimate thief.

Enter the hall of fame of thieves in Rent a Thief, a new free game that is coming soon.

Raccoon Rent a Thief

Welcome to the best renting thief service in the world.

I, Salazah, will guide you through my business, where you will steal the most precious itens. Join a guild and be part of this legendary journey with me, Harry, Jackie, Tom and Lenna.

This is Rent a Thief.

Salazah Rent a Thief
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